SOUTH AFRICA: Horrifying videos filmed by farmer Fritz “Majeke” Joubert, 45, give some inkling into what drove him into a frenzy of violence in which he beat his sangoma ‘Gobela’ trainer, Anele Hoyana, 40, to death with the butt of a rifle.

Police confirmed the fatal beating at Geluksdal farm, Brakfontein, near Gonubie, and added that one of their officers shot Joubert dead in self defence after the thickset power line contractor attacked him in the early hours of Saturday.

A madman at the centre of a video that has gone viral in South Africa has been identified as Fritz Jourbert (45).  The self-proclaimed satanist killed his sangoma trainer while recording the whole incident and signed off his slogan with the words “I am staying”.  To those not in the know of the slogan “I am staying”, it is a positive initiative started by South Africans who have decided not to join the multitudes of other South Africans immigrating to “greener” pastures like New Zealand and Australia.

It is believed that the deceased Sangoma, Hoyana , had gone to Fritz’s farm for the twasa (initiation) ceremony when Fritz had a sudden demonic outburst and swore he would show Moyana “the gates of hell’. “I’m telling you, I’m going to moer you… i’m going to close the door of hell for you”, he can be heard saying while Hoyana’s wife screams and begs for mercy in the background”.

Police confirmed the fatal beating and added that Joubert was shot dead in self-defence when they arrived on the scene. The brutal events, which saw Joubert grab Hoyana’s two kids were recorded and posted on social media by Joubert himself before his death.

East London police spokesperson Capt Hazel Mqala said: “It is alleged that the farm owner, a 45-year-old male, was with his sangoma friend and wife and two children, who were residing temporarily on the farm. They were socializing  together in the early hours of Saturday when an argument ensued.”

The un-remorseful Joubert even made numerous phone calls to his farmer friends to come have a drink with him to celebrate.  it is when the police arrived when a gun battle ensued and Joubert was fatally shot and died on the scene.

Spokesperson Seissa Sontaga confirmed they were investigating.