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Ronaldinho caught with fake passport, arrested in Paraguay..PICTURES

Brazilian, Barcelona and AC Milan soccer legend Ronaldinho has been arrested in Paraguay for allegedly using false documentation to enter the South American country.

Ronaldinho’s Brazilian passport was siezed by authorities in 2018 after he received and failed to pay a $8.5 million environmental fine when he illegally built a fishing trap at Lake Guaiba.

The 39-year-old was detained in the Resort Yacht & Golf Club Paraguayo along with his brother Roberto on Wednesday night, the Ministry of Interior of Paraguay said.

According to La Nacion, passports were found in the hotel bearing the names of Ronaldinho and Roberto with Paraguayan nationality.

Both the brothers remain in the hotel suite with Paraguayan authorities set to issue a statement on Thursday morning.

An official statement from the Paraguayan police said Ronaldinho and his entourage had been invited to Paraguay by casino owner Nelson Belotti.


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