The cause of former President Mugabe has been revealed by state controlled media. According to the publication, Mugabe died of prostate cancer. According to a source who spoke to the publication only the former president’s family was aware of the cause of the late leader’s death. This, in turn, fed speculations, conjectures and theories surrounding his death.

A close source has put all the speculations to rest by disclosing that Mugabe died of advanced prostate cancer:

The President’s death has been subject to speculation since he passed away, but I can authoritatively reveal that he died from prostate cancer. The cause of death had not been known to many people except his close family members


Mugabe had been travelling to Singapore for checkups until at some point his physicians decided to keep him for observation. Dr Misheck Sibanda and team were at one point in August sent by the president to check up on him Sunday News reports.

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