Zimbabwe’s ongoing protests against President Mugabe have received a major boost in the form of support from Zanu PF Wat Veterans who blame government and Zanu for the crises burning through Zimbabwe’s cities.

A  statement in support of demonstrations was given by War Vets leader cde Douglas Mahiya ahead of tomorrow’s #Shut Down Zimbabwe Strike and political protests organised by restless Zimbabwe citizens.

mugabe response to riots

Relaxed! Pres Mugabe yet to speak about Zim riots

“The entire political crisis that has befallen our great country is a result of poor governance and endemic corruption which is now bearing its evil fruits that are on verge of consuming the entire fabric of Zimbabwean nationhood,” said Mahiya.

Disgruntlement has been growing against Mugabe’s Zanu PF  government, and the war veterans, once a pillar of strength for the ruling party, are now also fed up with the Zimbabwe situation.

“The Constitution gives Zimbabweans the right to demonstrate but …. people must not destroy properties..,” Mahiya said.

The war veterans traced the cash shortages that the country is grappling with to Zanu PF bigwigs whom they said are stashing the greenbacks in offshore accounts.

The ex-combatants who were early this year pummelled by police also took the opportunity to throw a jab at their nemesis.

“Being a police officer has become brisk business in our country where individuals have become filthy rich in a short space of time,” said Mahiya.