As an online blog we strive to provide accurate and complete news reporting but occasionally we get it wrong. There are cases where an error has been made and it is our duty to run a correction, clarification, retraction to correct our error that we can maintain our integrity and provide our audience with the most accurate information possible.
As you all know that on the 26th of January we (ZimCelebs Official) made a post captioned “#ZCStreetZ: Forget about the end product think of the process (SLIDE].
Here is how the famous Kambucha is manufactured” which was misleading.
We regret and apologize to Kambucha as we abide to one of the most cardinal of the ethics of journalism that if a story is not true it must be retracted as soon as possible.
The story was from Zambia whereby fake Kambucha was being made and the people were arrested by Zambian authorities. Our fellow mate failed to mention that the story is from Zambia and instead put a picture of Kambucha Zimbabwean lemon drink which was the first slide and the story was deleted four hours after publication.
We sincerely apologize to Kambucha FreshZim (pvt) ltd and its associates and we would like to assure the nation that the Kambucha drink is made in clean factories ,its safe to drink and it adds value to human health and as an organization we highly endorse it.
We will always put efforts in supporting local brands and amplify their value to our followers.