Kambarambi villagers in Murehwa have accused Brain Masiiwa, a 60-year-old ex-soldier with 28 children, of impregnating Anotida, the 18-year-old daughter of his second wife, Edith Masiiwa.

Anotida was reportedly impregnated at 16, and the baby is now two years old. Villagers were outraged when Masiiwa allegedly impregnated Anotida for the second time and aborted the pregnancy.

One villager took the matter to Chief Nheweyembwa to remove Masiiwa from the village. Masiiwa denied responsibility for the child, claiming that Anotida was impregnated by a married prophet who was arrested.

He also claimed that Anotida and his daughter were lured by another prophet, and his daughter eloped with him.

Edith and Anotida also denied the allegations, with Anotida alleging that Herbert Munyandu is the father of her child.