WITH Tropical Cyclone Freddy expected to hit neighbouring Mozambique and affect parts of Zimbabwe, City of Mutare has called on residents to be on high alert and take precautionary measures to ensure safety.

Cyclone Freddy is expected to bring heavy rain and strong wind to Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe between February 25 and March 3.

In a notice to the public today, the local authority urged residents to follow weather updates and monitor the situation.

“Notice is hereby given to all Mutare residents and stakeholders that heavy rain is expected to hit Zimbabwe and Mozambique from February 25 to March 3. Residents should be on high alert of the possibility of Cyclone Freddy which is threatening to affect Zimbabwe and Mozambique. All residents in low lying areas should constantly monitor the situation as the possibilities of flooding are very high,” reads the notice, adding: “In light of the above, we are encouraging all residents to exercise necessary precautions to keep safe and prevent loss of lives and damage to property.”

City of Mutare said in cases of emergency, residents and stakeholders can call the District Protection Unit team on 0774 414 286 (Mr Bore), 0775 173 545 (Mrs Mdzire) and 0775 392 772 (Mrs Nyamunokora) or alternatively get in touch with the local authority’s emergency services section on 02020-62222.

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