By William Milasi

A woman in Redcliff was recently raped at  knife point and left for dead at a borehole  by one of the machete terror gang member.

Police inaction to contain the situation has left residents in the area leaving in palpable fear of the six member gang which is believed to be from the surrounding resettlement areas.

A police crackdown earlier this week saw three men who are believed to be part of the gang being arrested in connection with the rape case and a spate of robberies and violence which has been taking place in the area.

Concerned, Redcliff Deputy Mayor Vincent Masiiwa told this publication that the marauding gang has been running amok in the area.

“I heard that a woman was in the early hours of Thursday morning raped at a borehole by a man who is believed to be part of this terror gang,” Masiiwa said.

A source said that on the fateful day the woman had gone to the borehole to draw water.

“Three thugs who were visibly drunk pounced on the people who were at the borehole including the woman.

“Fortunately for the other guys who were around five managed to escape and left the woman at the mercy of the gang who dragged her to the nearby fields before raping her at knife point,” the source said.

The woman’s pleas and cries of agony awakened people from the surrounding area that ganged up against the thugs who managed to escape.

A visit by news crew to the area saw the desperate residents calling on the police to act in the issue.

“We are leaving in fear whilst we have the police in our midst. The members of ZRP have let us down. Maybe it’s time the military needs to take over,” said one concerned resident. has since established that the police in the area have also been on the receiving end of the terror gang.

The thugs, it has been established caused a reign of terror in the area as they vandalized property in the suburb, assaulted people and stole valuables in the area.

Relations between the locals and the individuals from the resettlement areas have hit an all time low.

The resettlement areas fall under the jurisdiction of Chief Milton Ntabeni.

Residents are calling on Ntabeni to reign in his subjects.

“We are appealing for the chief to reign in his subjects. We have failed to leave in peace with his people,” fumed one resident.

Some guys who are believed to be linked to the gang have since been arrested after they had once again terrorized the residents days after the rape incident.

Fed up residents meted mob justice to the group before handing it over to the police

Provincial Police Spokesperson Ethel Mukwende said that the province was yet to get the report.

“We are yet to get a report of the situation. I am however, going to get back to you,” said Mukwende.

The police spokesperson had not yet came back to the publication by time of going to print.