Former ZANU-PF Member of Parliament for Chivi South Killer Zivhu says the country can benefit more if those in power re-engage Movement for Democratic Change-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa than wasting time re-engaging the West.

His comments come at the time President Emmerson Mnangagwa is over the moon for having met UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden.

Mnangagwa was in Scotland for the COP26 Summit, took the opportunity to try and re-engage with the Western world and called for the removal of sanctions they imposed on his administration.

However, Mnangagwa’s self styled chief supporter, Zivhu says it more important to engage Chamisa in dialogue than wasting time on the West.

“Reengagement with the West is important, but not better than a dialogue with Chamisa.

“Wasting resources trying to reengage with the West hazvibatsiri.

“Kutaura na Chamisa hakudi mari kana Ndege just a phone call vanhu votosangana pa Garwe pachangovhurwa apo,” he says.