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Army tortures soldier who fired bullets at Mnangagwa’s house

A very angry Presidential Guard soldier allegedly fired a gun yesterday whilst on guard duty at Mnangagwa’s residence,  Zimbabwe State House. The story was first leaked by exiled former G40 kingpin Jonathan Moyo. The Soldier who allegedly committed the crime was identified as Private Magandu.

He was reportedly hospitalised today after being tortured by the army.

Said Moyo:

“A young presidential guard soldier emptied his magazine firing in the air at State House in Harare this morning. He was arrested as he was reloading. He complained of hardships and said he “can’t survive in dead economy’. He’s been detained by the military at its holding cells”

“On arrest PVT Magandu was interviewed by Lt Col S Murombo, detained at KGVI; tortured & deprived of sleep for alleged links with opposition & foreigners; ranted that “men in suits get all the money but real army gets nothing”. He was sent for psychiatric evaluation this morning”


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