AS the 2018 watershed elections approach, social media users have called on the real prophets to go deeper and reveal their prophecies about the next leaders now and not after the elections.

Respected church leader Bishop Rogers Jeffrey said when things are said in the aftermath they become irrelevant and people cannot be blamed for declaring them false.

“God does not do anything on anything without revealing it to his children and he speaks through the prophets and when something is said it has to be made public but fear is one thing that has engulfed some respected prophets leading them into pronouncing ambiguous prophecies, subject to several interpretations. This has led people to doubt many prophecies especially when they are made known in the aftermath”, Jeffrey.

Traditionally, it has been the trend over time that videos saying prophet so and so had prophesied the outcome circulate after an event such as soccer matches, deaths of prominent figures or elections.

Following the ouster of Robert Mugabe in November 2017, many prophets came out to say they already saw it in vision some time before the coup happened.