PAUL SANYANGORE, Prophet and Pastor of Victory World International Ministries Church is a man of wonders, that is, if you believe what is written about him.

In march 2016, Zimnews left the prophet egg faced after exposing his ‘walking on swimming pool miracle’ as fake.

At the time, Sanyangore while at a Harare swimming pool used an almost colourless water submerged  plastic platform with clear frames invisible from lower visual angles to perform the so called ‘prophetic miracle’ that he could not replicate in open Zimbabwe rivers and lakes as they present a serious logistical problem and they can not support the walking platforms.

March 2016..Sanyangore on his mobile while walking on water???

Number two; On the first weekend of December 2016, Sanyangore reportedly performed a disgusting miracle, turned sewage filthy into clean drinkable water.

You need the services of a Tsikamutanda(witch doctor) to understand what really transpired on the day!

Dec 2016..Did Sayangore ‘s church drink sewage filth??

Now, Pastor Prophet Paul Sanyangore is making international news headlines after he told Zimbabweans that he received a phone call from God during a church service.

It was reported that he tried to deliver God’s phone number to his congregants but when the time came for people to save God’s phone number, several congregants fell asleep with their phones in hand as the number was about to be announced.

The event is reported to have happened in the presence of famous disk joker Tichafa Matambanadzo(Tich Mataz).

Following this and a number of so called prophetic miracles that have left many people with more questions than answers, a visiting American Evangelist, Pastor Randy Skeete, recently left the country on the edge after sending a strong message to young Zimbabwean clergymen who are fleecing vulnerable congregants while pursuing the so called prophetic miracles.

He said the Bible gives a clear description of a true prophet, one who should be consistent with the word of God. “A prophet cannot be rich while all of his members are poor, Christ was poor but he made all his followers rich. If a prophet is living a lavish lifestyle while the majority of his congregates live in shacks that person is a hypocrite,” said Pastor Skeete.