Tinashe Zisengwe and Shakespear Muzavazi

Gweru: In a latest development, a self-styled Tsikamutanda has declared that all congregants from Prophet Luke Chivasa’s church will perish in accidents if the latter continues to withhold his necromancy tools.

Musiiwa Denhere made the shocking revelation on Monday afternoon at our newsroom saying all those using anointing oil shall become victims of road accident if their spiritual father Chivasa maintains his selfish stance of holding his goblins.

“This is a final warning, I tried to do everything to engage Chivasa but he is unapologetic. I am now going back to the source of my necromancy and blow marine spirits to cause accidents to all congregants including those that use the prophet’s anointing oil.

“Some are going to burn, cars are going to collide at bridges,” threatened Denhere

Meanwhile, the 46 year old necromancer alleges that he decided to repent from his evil ways sometime last year by joining MMCN church led by Prophet Chivasa where he surrendered the goblins but since then he has not found peace.

Still narrating his story which has since become the talk of the town Denhere alleges Chivasa is using the goblins at his church to amass wealth and perform miracles, but he now wants them back as they are still tormenting him.

He added that he once threatened to strike down congregants from Chivasa’s ministry if he continues to withhold his necromancy tools but to no fruition.

‘’I beg Prophet Chivasa  to return my goblins namely Chamufodya, Chavasikana and Chavakomana to me before they cause spiritual war,’’ he said.

Denhere said he had resolved to go back to his old life and would this week be re-accepted and incorporated by the marine spirits he once despised to end months of sleepless nights.

“I do not have any other option except to go back to what I was doing before. I no longer have a social life because my friends are now shunning me, my landlord chased me away from his house and I’m now a destitute.

“I want to sue Chivasa for defamation because he uses me in his church videos uploaded on YouTube to advertise his church calling  himself  Shumba  Yevaroyi (foe of the witches) referring to me. This man completely ruined my life,” fumed Denhere.

When contacted for comment, Prophet Chivasa refused to speak with the press but just said, “I know what you want to ask me about, write what you heard regarding that issue as for me l won’t comment.”