A 46-year-old arts promoter, whose romantic pictures with different female artistes have caused a storm, has been accused of sexually abusing models.

Maxwell Gissi, of MG Promotions, recruits models and promotes upcoming artistes.

Some artistes claimed in a WhatsApp group that Maxwell had been sexually harassing them.

One model posted in the group claiming that he raped her and threatened her with unspecified action.

Maxwell, however, denied the allegations.

“Our WhatsApp group is awash with accusations that I am abusing women. These women are old enough to stand up for themselves, but the accusers are after my trip with models slated at the end of this month to Uganda.

“They raised the same accusations last year in October when I wanted to host a modelling show in Harare. It is true that I posed for some photographs with various girls with the purpose of showing those I work with.

“The photographs were not taken at lodges or hotels, but in my office,” said Maxwell.

“What they do not know is that there are some high-profile people in these WhatsApp groups, who later come to my inbox.

“In fact, I am just fronting a business owned by high-profile people.

Ngavasarwadziwa neni uye nema photos andakatorwa nevana vakanaka. I never abused any of them as alleged,” he said.

One of the girls claiming to have been abused by Maxwell told H-Metro that she was threatened with unspecified action if she made a police report.

“I quit the job before receiving my first pay from Maxwell because of what I went through under him. No CVs are needed at his office, but body and facial language is what he relies on.

“Maxwell would also ask for transport money from his employees. One day he asked me to remain at the office, saying he wanted us to visit a bar where he would introduce me to a business tycoon.

Hanzi taura naye ndi blesser mukawirirana anozotibatsira ku sponsor ma models and artistes,” she claimed.

“I could not believe this, and decided to leave the job. Most times, he would ask us to excuse him and he would remain with one girl in the office for a long time. He brags that he is connected to high-profile people, and threatens to harm anyone who dares lodge a police report against him.

“Abused girls have been complaining in some of his company’s WhatsApp groups,” she said.

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