Actress Candice Modiselle and award-winning musician Prince Kaybee had a heart-to-heart chat in which they shared advice on how to stay on your A-game in an industry that easily swallows people.

Talking about what helps him stay on top of his game as a producer and musician in an IG TV chat with Candice, Prince Kaybee said he realised the best way to stay sharp was to never forgot who you are even when you start becoming a big deal.

“It’s funny because a lot of times when you are in a space where you are successful, you tend to outgrow all the things that made you who you are,” Prince explained, before adding that it’s easy to get lost in the fame and fortune that come with recognition.

“When you’re an artist and you get a big song, you don’t celebrate first, you ask yourself what’s next and you head back to studio. We are not supposed to see you in the club all the time or in the streets all the time just because you have a big song. Whatever made that big song, get back to it immediately.”

The actress said the trick was in “the lil’ things” that people did to better themselves and their craft.

Candice and Prince went on to talk about how heartbroken they often are when they see how new breakout stars often lost everything soon after entering the industry because they lose themselves when they get famous.

Watch the full video below:

Both Prince Kaybee and Candice are very vocal about the industry and the challenges they’ve faced as artists contributing to the industry.

Prince Kaybee has spoken about most industry-related things and offered advice based on his personal experiences.

In a thread he shared on Twitter in 2020, Kaybee shared his thoughts on owning and profiting off of Masters, adding that owning Masters only worked for a few artists and not everyone would be lucky to make money from them.

“Let me start off by saying: I do not own my Masters,” he said.

“There are compromises in every business and gents sometimes want to have their cake and eat it by owning Masters and keeping sales, but it works for a selected few.”

Candice has often shared her opinions on industry matters including freelance rates.

Taking to Twitter, the star spoke about the struggles influencers face in their respective industries. She said influencers are often paid too long after the job is done. She said the invoice payment structure that is widely accepted means it can take up to two months for one to get paid.

“I can’t emphasise this enough. The 30-60 day payment structure is financially crippling freelancers,” said Candice.