The Poverty Liberation Movement (PLM) has urged public resistance against state attempts to drive poor citizens onto Zupco buses coupled with $2000 fines imposed on those found boarding unregistered passenger transport.

This comes at the moment commuters have been left stranded as ZUPCO fails to cope with the demand.

Recently, the government was forced to comment on the matter as pictures and videos showing stranded commuters in Harare and major cities went viral on social media.

Critics have blasted the government for making policies without proper considerations which end up disadvantaging citizens.

Recently, the government banned private Kombis forcing them to join the ZUPCO franchise which is allegedly marred with corruption.

In a statement Sunday, the firebrand group said it will lead the way through street demonstrations when local schools seal their reopening phase with the rest of the learners returning to class this Monday.

Police last week began penalising passengers caught travelling on illegal transport operators commonly referred to as mushikashika.

The fear of arrest has seen some members of the commuting public stick to Zupco amid chaotic scenes of travellers seen stranded in Harare’s CBD Friday.

Government critics feel the Zanu PF led administration was putting the cart before the horse through its unpopular ban on kombis operating outside the Zupco franchise.

In a statement Sunday, PLM insisted the rot was a government creation adding that it will stage demonstrations to force authorities to reverse the decision.

“We cannot allow central government and the police to force the ordinary folks to bankroll Kudakwashe Tagwirei and cabal at the expense of national development.

“We shall not allow citizens who in their day-to-day struggle for survival have to maximize their work hours to be delayed at ranks in the hot sun.

“Tomorrow 6 September 2021, the movement and its member organisations shall be demonstrating in Harare to express outrage over the concocted law by government to fine passengers.

“Also, we will be demonstrating against the fast-deteriorating standards of living in Zimbabwe and to demand transparency in handling national resources with emphasis on the recently received US $1 Billion.

“Until there is a transparent, efficient and robust public transport system, local man says, ‘Ndokwira Yandinoda!’”

Formed May last year at Zimbabwe Grounds, PLM is a coalition of civic groups with the common goal of ending Poverty in line with SDG 1.

Members include ARTUZ, CHITREST, ZCTU, Advocates for Earth, ZINASU and others.

Its interim chairperson is youth activist Alan Moyo.

-Zimbabwe Star/ Zwnews