HARARE: A Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) official Discent Collins Bajila has insinuated that during his last visit to National Heroes acre he noticed some empty graves and one of them was just close to President Robert Mugabe’s late wife Sally and it was obvious to him who will be laid in that grave.

“Next to the grave of Sally Mugabe at the National Heroes Acre, there is an empty grave. We all know whose it is. The last time I went to the National Heroes Acre was 2011. I visited several graves. As I was moving around I saw a group of people sitting and having a meal around Simon Muzenda’s grave,” Bajila said.

“Next to it was another empty grave. Gogo Maud Muzenda sat with Tsitsi Muzenda at the head of the empty grave. We went to greet her. All I was thinking about was that woman looking at that grave every year and knowing fully well that it’s hers. Quite tormenting.”

He said she breathed her last and she wont rest in Gutu Mpandawana amongst her friends and family, but  she will rest on top of that mountain.