Almost every alternate day, a Cryptocurrency is hitting the market. So, the number of cryptocurrencies is already more than 20,000. It becomes overwhelming to select some of the best virtual currencies to get better returns. It is time to have insight into these digital assets and select the most promising one. A quick run through this blog will help you shortlist the best cryptos to invest.

  1. ApeCoin: One of the best cryptocurrencies minted so far in 2022 is ApeCoin. It has received acceptance from a large portion of the Cryptocurrency community, which considers its future to be a promising one. This digital currency was launched in March 2022 as a utility token for MAYC and BAYC (Bored Ape Tacht Club), two popular NFT projects. ApeCoin is the native token for BAYC’s upcoming project, The Otherside. It is also implemented into Benji Bananas, a popular game based on blockchains. Many suggest this Cryptocurrency for long-term profits.
  2. Theta: Theta is already popular among regular users. It has gained popularity as it has revolutionized the way video streaming works. TFUEL, a native token of the Theta network, is used for paying content creators when they share videos. Theta is already accepted by reputed companies such as Samsung and Sony. So, you can include this Cryptocurrency in your investment portfolio.
  3. Dogecoin: With a huge community backing across the globe, Dogecoin has gained popularity very fast. Cryptocurrency investors keep investing in this newer Cryptocurrency owing to its ‘meme coin’ designation. For those investors, who love to take a risk when it comes to investments with higher returns, Dogecoin Cryptocurrency may be the right choice.
  4. DeFi Coin: Defi Coin has become popular within the decentralized financial sector. It is also the native token used in DEX(DeFi Swap Exchange). That is why the value of DeFi depends on the growth of this platform. In May 2022, the price rose to a 300% high. The speculative Cryptocurrency investors consider this one of the most promising Cryptocurrencies in the coming days.
  5. Lucky Block(LBlock): This Cryptocurrency has become popular since its inception in early 2022 with alluring prize draws. This digital coin was hosted on BSC (Binance Smart Chain), which is a decentralized Cryptocurrency platform. It is beyond any geographical boundary. Thus, anyone anywhere can participate in the lucky draws offered by LBlock. It is one of the best Cryptocurrencies with a low market cap, and early investors have fetched huge returns on investments. Users can buy daily prize draw tickets with LBlock. Currently, there are 10,000 LBlock NFTs and out of them, 25 are ‘Rare Editions’, where the prize amount is doubled if the NFT holder’s name comes up in the draw. With all these lucrative prize offers, LBlock is projected as a promising digital currency in the coming days.
  6. TAMA:  It is the main token or currency for Tamaverse and is a P2E (Play to Earn) decentralized platform. The Tamaverse ecosystem allows the users to earn dogepoints by competing with each other and creating and breeding their NFT doge avatars. TAMA is used as the native Cryptocurrency of Tamaversie. This token is used for settling rewards, purchasing NFTs, and handling transactions. TAMA can have a maximum of two billion tokens. 30% of TAMA tokens are used for marketing, while 65% of these tokens are used for PEE doge pools for distributing rewards.
  7. Battle Infinity or IBAT:  Battle Infinity is the first ever NFT-based fantasy sports game with the metaverse, With Battle Infinity, users can create their own battle team and also earn while showing their playing skills. This Cryptocurrency has introduced six products in the market. You can use this token to buy in-game assets. Users get unique avatars while they play this fantasy game.
  8. Avalanche: This newly launched Cryptocurrency has become a strong rival of Ethereum within a short period. It offers lower fees than many other cryptocurrencies. Users get scalable networks to build dApps or decentralized applications.

 Closing thoughts

Over the years, cryptocurrencies have become great investment options for investors and traders. Some of the cryptocurrencies are already becoming saturated, so investors are in search of new cryptocurrencies that will open up new opportunities for high profits.