Harare: In a sad development, some bank workers have been fired after they leaked to media pictures of bond notes vaults that we published yesterday.

The same images were later used by all major state media publications and broadcaster.

While people working in the vault have been fired and some suspended pending investigations, the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has gone on to impose a penalty charge to the People’s Own Savings Bank(POSB) $500,000 for violating sections of the Banking Act, it has been reported.

The RBZ said POSB  violated the Banking Act after its employees unlawfully and without permission, took images of bond notes in its vaults and posted the pictures to online publications.

It has been confirmed today that the RBZ imposed an administration fine of $500,000 on POSB.

The bank went on to suspend some of its workers suspected of taking part in the bond notes leak.

Some were fired with immediate effect.

More details follow…