Renowned political commentator Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya says in his view Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) should not take the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC)’s electoral manipulation and its capture by the military to court, saying going to court will strengthen and legitimise ZEC through bogus rulings.

Ruhanya says this is fundamentally a question of political contestation which should be settled politically.

“Don’t take ZEC to court coz u dont control those courts. The cost of ZEC’s electoral shenanigans must be settled politically as what @PacheduZW
is doing through empirical exposures of its capture and militarisation.

“There must be a heavy cost to these illegal activities,” he says.

Ruhanya adds that ZANU PF will accept to reform the political and electoral system in Zimbabwe if there is a huge cost to its illegal and authoritarian practices.

“Going to court should be tactical not always the route because the regime controls that arena of contestation.

“The court of public opinion through heavy mobilisation is the only court that brings results for Chamisa and CCC and should be used as leverage ahead of 2023,” he adds.

Ruhanya was commenting on a report that CCC was contemplating dragging ZEC to court over electoral malpractices observed during the just ended by-elections.