All is not well in the mining town of Shurugwi where a 64 year old man had the audacity and boldness to beat a police officer for a late response to a crime report.

It is in the state’s case that on unknown date Winston Gibson Kumwenda of house number M75 Railway block assaulted Unity Ndou a police officer stationed at Shurugwi police station with clenched fists on the chest before grabbing him by the collar.

Kumwenda is presumed to have bashed Officer Ndou for not quickly responding to a crime report  that an artisanal miner was about to be murdered in a revenge fiasco, the accused argued that if the police had quickly responded to  the report the artisanal miner(Tapiwa Moyo now deceased )would have been saved.

Tapiwa was stabbed with a spear in the abdomen and died on the spot before the police took any action upon receiving the report that he was about to be killed.

What mostly prompted the accused to thrash the police officer is that Chrispen Chikwata (23), Rabson Chikwanda (32), and Ernest Ezekiel who murdered Tapiwa Moyo in cold Blood with a spear managed to escape before the police could arrive at the crime scene.

The accused blamed the police for not performing their duties as more people are being maimed and murdered in the scenic town while the constabularies stand aside and look.

Kumwenda who appeared before Shurugwi Magistrate for trial is due for sentencing today on the 16th of this month.