Chaos erupted in town this evening when the army decided to show the ZRP who is boss by reading them the riot act.

According to eyewitness on the streets a battalion of black beret soldiers numbering up to 100, descended in Harare CBD along Robert Mugabe street and started beating up police officers who fled and took shelter in nearby shops.

Earlier on, a wayward police officer threw a spike on an army vehicle, puncturing the tyres as a result. This drew the ire of the army who later descended with sjamboks and sticks and started attacking the police officers, thrashing everything in their way. The army was headed to the Central Police station where they intended to school the police in the art of discipline.

Eyewitnesses found this quite amusing and saw it as the police getting a taste of their own medicine. There has been a lot of tension recently between the police and the public with the latter accusing the former of harsh law enforcement especially when it comes to traffic. harare