On Tuesday, the Zimbabwe Republic Police released the names of 10 people who died while trying to contain a veld fire in Esigodini.

The victims are: Kessary Sibanda, 53, hailed from Marula in Figtree; Bafana Moyo, 53, was from Dimbamiwa Village in Nkayi; Thabani Mpofu, 46, was born in Gwelutshena in Nkayi; Menelisi Ngwenya, 20, was from Mandangema Village in Nkayi; Luzibo Tshuma hailed from Chiziya Malundu Village in Binga; England Moyo, 20, was from Nketa 8 in Bulawayo and Nelisingwane Dlamini, 47, was a local man from an area known as GMB in Esigodini.

Meanwhile, police also released names of three other victims whose home areas are unknown: Ian Mudimba, 38, Simon Mdlongwa, 39, and Oliver Mudimba, 39.

Apparently, National police spokesman Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said:

“The bodies of the victims were taken to United Bulawayo Hospitals for post-mortem.

“The ZRP is concerned with the incidents of veld fires in all parts of the country where lives have been lost and property destroyed in criminal activities.

“Those found to be igniting veld fires will be arrested without fear or favour.”