Kelvin Kasiwulaya

Controversial Gweru based Tsikamutanda Musiiwa Denhere was last week arrested after he was involved in a fist fight with a police officer whom he seriously injured.

According to Denhere, some time on the first week of April, a misunderstanding arose with the police officer based at Gweru Central police station started after the officer confronted him after over his interview with the ZBC news crew and accused him of tarnishing Prophet Chivasa’s image.

The officer is alleged to have beaten up Denhere at a bottle store, but the Tsikamutanda did not fight back but rather reported the matter to the police.

On the 17 of this month the police officer is alleged to have confronted Denhere on the same matter, this led the duo to be involved in a fist fight where both sustained serious injuries with the cop being hospitalized.

According to a medical report compiled at Gweru general hospital, Denhere sustained tooth marks on the interior part of the chest, scars on both elbows, multiple bruises on his back and a tender neck.

Nehanda police station has since confirmed that they are investigating two assault cases one reported by the police officer and the other by Denhere.

Meanwhile,MMCN Prophet Luke Chivasa who was recently accused by Musiiwa Denhere of withholding as well as using goblins to perform miracles at his church has through his lawyers issued a court interdict whose contents distance him from ever having contact with the necromancer’s goblins.

The court papers which were seen by this reporter were filed through Chivasa and Associates legal practitioners based in Zvishavane, eloquently exonerated Chivasa from ever having anything to do with Denhere’s goblins.

According to the interdict, Denhere was advised not to perpetuate any malice or innuendo against MMCN and Prophet Chivasa, the court papers also advised the Tsikamutanda to desist from giving any comments to the media concerning the goblin issue.

The letter from the lawyers read “REF. our clients, Prophet Luke Chivasa and Miracle Mission Church of all nations of 10 Zimnat House, 6th street, Gweru (in respect of case No.BO22/17 Magistrate Court, Gweru).

“Please take notice that we write you at the instance of the above-mentioned persons. They are our clients, kindly, therefore not our interest.

“Our instructions reveal that you have been deliberately propagating defamatory falsehoods against our clients alleging that Mr Luke Chivasa is in possession of your goblins and is refusing to give you back. You know fully well that he is not in possession of your goblins which you personally destroyed by burning using your own hands after converting to Jesus Christ publicly.

“Chivasa’s voice through his lawyers comes at a time when controversial Denhere confirmed that his goblins namely Chamufodya, Chavasikana and Chavakomana had returned to him but was rather evasive on who returned them.

“One of my goblins Chamufodya returned on the 17th of April followed by Chavasikana and Chavakomana on the 18th; however I cannot tell for sure who returned them or they just returned because Prophet Magaya the renowned man of God was coming to Gweru,” he said.

Denhere who at some time seemed to be confused told this reporter that the spirit of his spiritual father Banda chanted them back.

As it stands now the matter seems to have reached a dead end with Chivasa speaking out through his lawyers and Denhere getting his goblins back.

Denhere Musiiwa, a self-proclaimed Tsikamutanda from Mkoba 20 in Gweru has been hogging the headlines alleging that he decided to repent from his evil ways sometime last year by joining MMCN church led by prophet Chivasa where he surrendered his goblins.

Denhere who was filmed giving up and burning his goblins but later stormed newsrooms accusing the Prophet of using the destroyed goblins which culminated in him landing in deep spiritual trouble thereby issued several threats to the Church and the prophet in an attempt to recover his alleged goblins.

At some time, confused Denhere sent Whatsapp images of dried rabbits and a doll to this reporter alleging that these were the returned goblins.