National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi says citizens have become “too relaxed” despite the rising COVID-19 cases, adding that there is need for tighter enforcement.

He warned and hinted on stricter measures.

“The police reminds Zimbabweans that the country is still under COVID-19 lockdown measures which include a curfew which runs from 2200hrs until 0600hrs the following day.

“The enforcement of these health, safety and security measures is still paramount,” Nyathi said.

“Police has noted with concern that some sections of the public no longer value wearing of face masks, observe social distancing guidelines, sanitisation and public gathering restrictions.

Nyathi added: “COVID-19 is real and the public should avoid being complacent and co-operate with law enforcement agents to curtail the spread of the pandemic.”

He maintained that restrictions on crowds remained in place with not more than 100 people in churches, 50 or less at funerals and only low-risk sports allowed.

“Police has intensified patrols, surveillance, checks and other measures to ensure arrests are affected and the law takes its course without fear or favour. Those found operating shebeens or selling and drinking liquor while closed inside bars, night clubs and other premises will be dealt with,” Nyathi said.

“In the same vein, kombis or private vehicles which are pirating within cities and on inter-city routes will be impounded. Besides, the drivers will be taken to the owners who are obviously not taking heed of the government call to be responsible and law-biding citizens.”