ZwNews Chief Correspondent

Following the arrest and detention of former Zimbabwean minister of Information and Communication Technology Supa Mandiwanzira, a political analyst has urged officials to upgrade police holding cells.

Mandiwanzira spend the previous night at the Mbare’s Matapi police holding cells, whose conditions were once condemned by the Supreme Court of Zimbabwe.

Following this over night detention of the former minister, prominent political commentator, Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya says it should be a wakeup call for sitting ministers to improve the conditions in police holding cells in case one day they find themselves locked in them.

He says when ZANU PF discard you, it treats you like an outcast and condemns you to harsh conditions.

“They have thrown Supa into Matapi holding cells, condemned a few years ago by the Supreme Court.

“On the other hand, serving ministers might want to draw lessons from this and improve Matapi and other detention facilities,” Ruhanya wrote on his twitter account.

Matapi police holding cells in Mbare were once condemned by the courts. The Supreme Court made a statement that the holding cells were below the standards to serve as a detention centre, for its inhumane facilities which are dilapidated.