Zimbabwe 2018 Elections Latest: Zanu PF car with what look like ‘ballot papers’ sets social media on fire

Pictures have emerged of what appears to be ballot papers stashed inside a ZANU PF politician’s twin cab.

The photos were taken in Harare.

MDC-Alliance has issued a statement following the discovery:

“Bundles of ballot papers have been seen in a vehicle being used by the Zanu PF Maramba Pfungwe aspiring candidate. Procedural disputes around the ballot paper, its source, status, traceability and security of the ballot paper continue to dog the ZEC.

“ZEC should explain, how the much-hidden ballot paper suddenly found its way in the hands of Zanu PF. This confirms our continued expression that ZEC and Zanu PF are working in cahoots to deny the people of Zimbabwe their victory,” said MDC-Alliance via it’s social network channel.

If these are real ballot papers, it is not clear whether they are for Presidential or House of Assembly elections.

But on social media the story now is of ballot paper inside a car allegedly belonging to Zanu PF’s aspiring National House Of Assembly candidate for Uzumba  Maramba Pfungwe.

Meanwhile, people are furious at at ZEC over the handling and security of ballot papers.

Said one observer:

This election is a sham, it’s bogus, it’s fake, it’s spurious..Zoom that picture at the window & you’ll see ma ballot papers for the MP of Uzumba Maramba Pfungwe. Zvatanga zve ZANU-PF, dhimoni reku rigger

Another said:

Change has come & Zanu Pf knows it…probably they tryn to demotivate MDC Alliance supporters to think everything is in shambles so voting maybe unnecessary! While they trying to do this n that #30July let’s go & vote in numbers.