Here is a video of handcuffed Zimbabwean nurses being taken to court today for demonstrating against poor working conditions and low wages.

The country health care professionals are currently earning less than USD$30 per month.

The Zimbabwe Nurses Association condemned the arrest and urged nurses to continue with the industrial action. Nurses and doctors are engaged in a strike demanding better wages from the government. The protests come few weeks after it was revealed that local and international criminal cartels linked to President Mnangagwa’s family vanished with about USD$60 million meant for covid-19 test kits and other medical consumables.

NGOs and former government officials have also urged government not to brutalize health professionals through arrests.

Former Government Minister Saviour Kasukuwere used the opportunity to throw a salvo at Mnangagwa’s “criminal” administration:

Conscience has deserted leadership. If pain and punishment are the only instruments available, then we have lost our soul. Corrupt criminals are jailing the nurses!!! ???, said Kasukuwere.