President Emmerson Mnangagwa is in Msasa, east of the Harare Central Business District, where he is launching the Management Training Bureau (MTB).

MTB is a national strategic Institution in the provision of national capabilities in critical skills shortage areas.

It has since been transformed into a 21st century entrepreneurship incubation centre.

Modern training standards have since been adopted by repairing, modernising and equipping the institution’s physical infrastructure and training equipment in the least possible time in order to meet the strategic objectives.

MTB was established in 1984 under the Zimbabwe Manpower Planning and Development Act (Chapter 28:02) with a mandate to:

“Provide management development courses and consultancy services in an endeavour to bridge the skills gap of various management levels in all sectors of the economy in Zimbabwe and beyond.”

The mandate was given after the Government realized that there was a management vacuum which had emerged as a result of the post-independence skills flight in the early 1980s.

Over the years, various other factors such as the AIDS pandemic and the brain drain phenomenon of the 2000s also affected the development of human capital and as a result there has been a continued existence of the skills gap