A controversial female nurse disciplined for wearing only underwear under a transparent protective gown is afraid of losing her job after images taken by patients went viral.

Colleagues, doctors and politicians have rushed to her defence, accusing hospital bosses in the city of Tula of failing to provide her with correct PPE for working on a coronavirus ward.

They said she was not provided with proper scrubs to wear underneath the thin gown, which was also too thin to offer proper protection from the virus.

The incident happened at a Tula Region hospital in Russia where the now infamous front-line worker showed up to work in the male ward in a see-through protective suit with nothing but a bikini on underneath.

One of the patients took a sneaky photo, and sent it to the local paper, adding that she was merely feeling hot in her protective suit, and did not expect it to be so transparent.

The excuse didn’t help, however. The regional Ministry of Health decided to issue her a reprimand. Social media users, however, came out in droves to support her ‘actions’.