A HOPLEY man was detained for about 18 hours, from 7pm on Wednesday to yesterday afternoon, after he was bust sleeping with a married woman in her matrimonial home.

Paul Mujongoti, 28, a mechanic based in Highfield, was caught sleeping with George Chayambuka’s wife, Rachel Tapuwa, 23, following a tip-off.

The 34-year-old George and his neighbours detained Paul, while awaiting the arrival of Rachel’s parents to witness her shenanigans.

George, a gold panner based in Shamva, had been home for five days and pretended to have returned to work.

Rachel then invited Paul into her matrimonial bedroom, where the two were caught and given a thorough beating.

Paul told H-Metro that he had been dating Rachel for the past two weeks, unaware that she was married.

“Rachel lied to me that she had separated from her husband, and that is why I went into her bedroom.

“We have been dating for the past two weeks and I never saw her husband.

“I came at around 3pm on Wednesday and her husband came around 7pm.

“Haaaa vandirova husiku wese, pamwe pacho tikanzi rovanai pachenyu.

“I was thoroughly assaulted,” said Paul.

Rachel told H-Metro that she’d lost affection for George and it had been long since they were last intimate.

“I decided to cheat on my husband because he was no longer giving me time with him.

“He was here for the past five days, and we never engaged in sex, and that is why I invited Paul soon after he left home for Shamva.

“I do not know why he returned and found us in bed.

“My two children aged 6 and 3 are with my parents in the village since he was failing to raise school fees as well as food to support us.

“I was forced to pack some of my belongings and I am now going to stay with a relative in Epworth.

“I will look for a job and take my children later,” said Rachel.

Some of Rachel’s neighbours spent the better part of the night at her house until her relatives came.

The two were released after a closed-door meeting was conducted by George and Rachel’s parents.

Paul’s wife, only identified as Mai Lisa, came armed with stones threatening to attack him.

She was restrained from attacking Paul by some of the residents.

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