ED Mnangagwa has been lately criticized for his questionable fashion choices, including an old pair of shoes and the ever present paraffin scarf.

But the Zimbabwean President has shown to have quite a taste when it comes to briefcases.

This came when he posted a picture on Twitter sharing a moment of affection with his grandchildren at his presidential office.

Mnangagwa carries around a Louis Vuitton limited edition presidential briefcase that retails at $8,600. At that price no ordinary bloke‚ even with money‚ can buy it: it is listed as “currently out of stock online‚ call for availability” on the French high end clothing’s website.

The briefcase‚ seen in a picture of the president hugging two children at his office‚ has gone viral on social media with some saying the president’s priorities are misplaced.

“Mnangagwa’s briefcase is worth $8,600. While the majority are surviving on less than a $1 a day‚ this is a clear case of a life of extravagance and greediness. Zanu doesn’t care about the poor‚” tweeted @maDube_.

Aspiring Parliamentary candidate Fadzayi Mahere was involved in a harsh exchange of words with Twitter users after commenting on the extravagance of the President’s briefcase:

“How many nights one would have to queue to access cash equal to the value of your LV briefcase?,” she asked.

Since Mnangagwa came into power there have been several strikes from health workers and there’s a looming one from teachers complaining about poor remuneration and bad working conditions.

Another twitter user complained that the briefcase costs more than a nurse’s two-year salary.

President Mnangagwa could be a fashionista of sorts. His faction in Zanu-PF‚ Team Lacoste‚ derives its name from a French clothing label.