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PICS: Bulawayo, a ‘ghost’ town as effects of ‘predatory’ parking system take toll

The Central Business District in the City of Bulawayo, once full of activities during the day, now ressembles a deserted ghost town.

According to the Bulawayo Progressive Residents Association, this is because of the effects of the local authority and Tendy Three International parking project which are being felt both by formal and informal businesses.

Meanwhile, motorists in the country’s second capital are not happy with the parking system which they described as predatory.

They say what is worrying them a lot is the situation that if one moves to another bay before the hour is up, they are required pay another US$1.

In other cities, US$1 allows a motorist to change bays without having to pay again.

The parking system has since become a cash cow for the local authority.

The council has raked in US$21 433.71 in parking fees and US$15 968 in clamping fees over a five-month period.

Zwnews-text/ Images credit: BPRA

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