The anticipated arrival of President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Chipinge has been confirmed by state media and his aides.

Reports say Mnangagwa traveled to Chipinge because local chiefs are saying there are errors which he committed when he took over power from Robert Mugabe in November 2017.

Insiders say he is meeting former president Robert Mugabe’s top female n’anga who is revered since Chimurenga war times.

Addressing journalists during her Labour Day speech, Minister Nzenza  hinted on the development saying, “I am on my way to Chipinge. We are going to be meeting with the chiefs tomorrow (today), so we will be meeting a number of people affected by the cyclone, and especially some of the most vulnerable who lost their parents during the cyclone.”

She then added saying she was not able to comment on this because there will be a religious backlash; the country is a Christian nation. “Hazvitaurike kuti leader wenyu arikuita zvechinyakarae zviri so open.”

Chipinge is rife with superstition and recently a local nearby headman, speaking with ZimEye alleged that Christians were the ones who caused the cyclone Idai when they (according to his allegations), stole sacred pots belonging to his father.

Mnangagwa arrives in Chipinge