By Jonathan Moyo: It’s false that Zimbabwe has STARTED exhuming victims of Gukurahundi atrocities & a shame Ministry of Information is not correcting the lie. KUTHULA TRUST has been doing these exhumations since 1999!

Thembi Ngwenya “WAS GUNNED DOWN WITH HER HUSBAND”. This was a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY with no statute of limitation. Who gunned them down? Truth & justice were BURIED with Thembi & her husband in 1983. It will be another atrocity to REBURY the truth & Justice with them, again!

It’s imperative for Ministry of Information to tell the nation when govt exhumations of 20,000 Gukurahundi victims will START; and what the LEGAL PROCESS & PROCEDURE for the exhumations is. So far, Mnangagwa has made this a SECRET between himself & the so-called MATABELELAND COLLECTIVE!

A matrix released to the so-called Matabeleland Collective by Virginia Mabhiza, justice ministry’s permanent secretary, says exhumations of Gukurahundi victims will be implemented UPON REQUEST by the victim’s family. This is disturbing. How about victims with no survivors?

Who will do the govt exhumations and under what forensic conditions of criminal justice, as the graves are crime scenes & the remains are part of the evidence? How long will it take to exhume some 20,000 victims? How about the untold victims in UNKNOWN or WASHED AWAY graves?

How about the remains of tens of thousands of Gukurahundi victims who were DUMPED IN DISUSED MINES? How will they be handled? Of what use to such gruesome situations are the family request guidelines in Mnangagwa’s matrix distributed to the so-called Matabeleland Collective?

THE LIES that the exhumation of two gukurahundi victims in Tsholotsho last weekend is part of healing are sickening. Longtime work by KUTHULA TRUST to help families desperate to properly rest relatives butchered in Gukurahundi is being manipulated to push a SINISTER AGENDA!

The idea that Gukurahundi perpetrators like Mnangagwa can oversee Gukurahundi closure is absurd. It’s like Hitler & the likes of Eichmann overseeing Nuremberg. During Copac, Mnangagwa connived with Patrick Chinamasa & Paul Mangwana to reject an NPRC with truth & justice!

Jonathan Moyo