Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr Constantino Chiwenga says the Covid 19 vaccine will be administered on a voluntary basis.

Chiwenga’s sentiments came at the time most people have been raising concern with regards to the safety of the vaccine; which is expected to arrive in Zimbabwe next month.

However, Chiwenga says all the safety concerns raised will be interrogated by the country’s health experts.

“Zimbabwe adopted a measured approach, with experts interrogating all safety concerns.

“As soon as all technical and administrative obligations are met, Zimbabweans can expect to be vaccinated.

“The vaccination is going to be voluntary,” Chiwenga.

Meanwhile, the government said it is working on a framework to guide the roll out of the vaccine.

The country is preparing to take delivery of the vaccine procured under a global ground-breaking initiative led by the World Health Organisation, known as Covax, which plans to secure and distribute billions of doses to African countries, once licensed and approved.