Prophet Paul Sanyangore has been accused of physically abusing his wife.

This follows the publication of a heartfelt letter from a concerned relative who wrote to a local publication to let the world know that the man of miracles is also a wife basher who needs to stop his actions before it is too late.

Sanyangore recently drank sewage water and forced his followers to drink dirty water from a sewage stream after he had prayed  and cleansed the drink with salt.

There man who gave women anointed condoms during a church service also claims that he once walked on water while  people were watching him in Harare early this year.

Below is the letter from a concerned relative…


My story is about a popular Pastor called Sanyangore, who is known for making his congregants drink sewage and walking on top of the water. I am a close relative of his wife. Their marriage has always been on shaky ground because he is abusive.

They got married when he was still in Bible school at AFM after getting her pregnant. He had to marry so that he could continue with his bible studies. Afterwards he left AFM and joined Utabwashe as a junior pastor.

 Whilst there were still there, he continued beating up my relative and Apostle Utabwashe would intervene from time to time. The last straw was when he beat her up in front of another pastor in Masvingo and Utabwashe decided to let them go. He went on to form his own church where he has been performing miracles.

Last week. Paul Sanyangore beat up my relative and she was admitted at Gelfand Clinic. Upon returning back home he continued emotionally abusing shouting at her and eventually Amanda took an overdose of the tablets she had got from the clinic. She attempted suicide on Friday night and was rushed to Parirenyatwa hospital.

She stayed there for 2 days and Paul never went to visit her and kept saying it was her own fault she tried to end her life. Amanda at the moment is in Budidriro at her parent’s place and she took her kids with her. She says most of the fighting emanates from arguments about the married women Paul Sanyangore is having affairs with in the church.

I want this story published so that the world knows who the real Paul Sanyangore is. He must set a good example for his congregants. How does he give counselling to his church members when there is no peace in his own home?

Thank you

Source-Citizen Reports