Passion Java is reportedly embroiled in a dispute with his South Africa-based brother, Simba over their late mother’s house, Zim Morning Post reports.

The siblings are fighting over the late Senator Christine Rambnepasi-Java‘s house which Passion is allegedly saying should be given to their divorced sister.

Simba also claimed that Passion was pushing him out of the beneficiaries list.

He said:

Passion wants the house and the cars to be given to our sister who ditched her husband and is a drunkard.

I will not back down because my mother never said that when she was alive.
I will be going to the High Court to challenge this and I have since engaged my lawyers Nyambirai, Hamukwadi and Samukange.

Passion will be served with papers wherever he is be it Dubai or America.

A family friend told Zim Morning Post that the long-standing quarrel between the two siblings started when Simba’s fortunes were waning.

Said the source:

Simba used to live a good life where he commanded a managerial position with a leading telecommunications company.

He would drive latest vehicles and even lended the cars to Passion.

When things went south, he felt Passion was obliged to take care of him and that is their main beef.

Simba alleges that his mother Senator Christine Java left behind at least a car, farm and two houses.