PARENTS clashed with the police during a demonstration against the headmaster at Glen View 2 Primary School yesterday.

They are accusing the headmaster, identified only as Mupande, of sexual harassment and forcing them to buy him a luxury car.

The parents disrupted lessons as they demonstrated against Mupande.

Police moved in to disperse the parents, and lessons resumed after the officers had encircled the school yard.

“Mupande must go, we never agreed to buy him a GD-6 car as he claims.

“Go to a private school,” one of the placards read.

One of the disgruntled parents told H-Metro that Mupande recently lied to the media that they had agreed to buy him a GD-6.

“Parents and teachers never agreed to buy the GD-6 which Mupande wants.

“He lied to media about the car instead of responding to sexual harassment complaints against him.

“We want him to stop asking ECD pupils to do extra lessons.

“We are against his mistress supplying school uniforms, and he must stop charging for extra lessons and demanding US$40 for one to secure a place for their child.

“A number of parents are vendors and cannot afford to buy him the luxury vehicle that he wants,” said another parent.

The police spent the better part of the day manning the school, as parents threatened to physically attack Mupande.

He has dismissed it as a plot to tarnish his image.

“I have been receiving calls from my relatives and friends, both local and abroad, about the matter,” said Mupande.

Amai vakatozonzwa kuti nyaya iyi yakasvika mhiri kwemakungwa vanoshungurudzika.

“I have never stooped so low to do such a shameful thing.

“The issue is about a (Toyota Hilux) GD6 which teachers and parents approved to be acquired for me to use in my daily work.”