Africa Zim Experience:Australian tourists escape crocodile attack on Kariba-Zambezi swimming pool

Closed circuit video has captured the moment Australian tourists were attacked by a crocodile while visiting Lake Kariba in Zimbabwe.

The lake is located on the Zambezi river along the boundary line of Zimbabwe and Zambia.

Australian, Brendan Fowler, 27, told reporters how “instinct kicked in” when he leapt out to escape the crocodile, leaving his friend Amilia Roberts, 22, to fend for herself.

He explained: “The croc pretty much flew over my shoulder and I saw it before it got into the pool.

“From my angle it looked as if it was going to come at my face, so I turned and got out the way.

“It all happened so quickly and I guess it was just instinct that set in.

“I don’t think it is possible to think under those conditions.”

The crocodile turned on Roberts, who is travelling Africa on a gap year from studying in Australia, and bit her twice.

Just as she reached the other side of the pool, seemingly makes it to safety, the animal suddenly became more aggressive.

In a split second it raced towards her, thrashing about in the water and latching onto her arm.

Miraculously she escaped with cuts to her elbow, shoulder and back.

Friend Sebastian Smyth, seen in the video bounding in to help fend off the croc, said: “Amilia’s a tough Aussie bird and was in great form the rest of the trip.

“She didn’t even shed a tear.”

Smyth, who is still recovering from a broken neck and arm after a recent car accident, told how he came running after hearing screams from the pool while he was fixing some drinks.

Speaking about his brave intervention, Smyth, 28, said: “I just did what came naturally to me, and I’m sure any man would have done the same thing.

The CCTV video footage has since been posted online and viewed by thousands.

Lake Kariba is located in western Zimbabwe.

According to ZimGuide, Lake Kariba, the world’s largest man-made reservoir, is home to elephants, hippos, lions, buffalo and a variety of African plain game that often visit the Zambezi shores for water and food.

Around this time wild animals are seen closer to the lake’s shores as water dries up in nearby rivers.

Animal attacks are often reported in the area.

Few years ago, this site, reported the story of a couple who were killed by a lion while making love in the bushes of Kariba town just a mile from the Zambezi river.