African Union has appointed controversial Zimbabwean Prophet Uebert Angel its Pan-African Parliament ambassador for interfaith dialogue and humanitarian affairs.

However, it is in the public domain that Angel emerged as a leading role actor in Al Jazeera’s revealing Gold Mafia investigation scandal which implicates President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his proxies in rampant gold smuggling, money laundering and corruption.

This also includes conspiracy to commit financial crimes.

The move has been viewed by analysts as implying that African leaders and institutions do not take anti-corruption fights seriously, effectively making themselves accomplices.

Apparently, AU has been condemned:

Unathi Kalanga Ndebele had this to say: “Dear @AfrikParliament and @_AfricanUnion what exactly is wrong with you?

“Are you telling us that none of you people ever saw the Al Jazeera documentary where this man is on camera engaging in massive corruption? Yet you reward him for it?”

Another netizen, Luckie Mukozho said: “Africa is doomed. No wonder why we are labelled dark continent. Its nothing to do with colour of the skin but poor tired leadership.

“How on earth can you bring such a rascal in PAP. Disappointed!!
@_AfricanUnion must rescind that appointment sies man.”