A BED-HOPPING Zimdancehall music producer’s wife has been exposed by her lover for not disclosing her real marital status during their secret fling.

Shylet Madzokere (28), the wife of Prince “Oskid” Tapfuma, saw her illicit affair with Andrew Hlatyawayo (41) turn sour on Saturday after the lover discovered that her marriage was still intact.

In anger, Andrew shared their photographs and recorded cellphone love conversations with Shylet, with Oskid.

Shylet confirmed her shenanigans with Andrew, saying her illicit affair with the latter was an attempt to kill the pain she had suffered at the hands of Oskid.

She regretted falling into the arms of Andrew, describing him as ‘‘toxic and cruel.’’

“I regret my decision to accept Andrew’s proposal,” said Shylet.

“He is toxic and cruel and I never thought he would sell his integrity for the purpose of fixing me.

“Yes, my husband erred but replacing him with Andrew was like jumping from a frying pan into the fire. Andrew sent all the photographs I posed with him, in lodges and hotels, to my husband as a way of silencing me.

“Kana ndiwewo unoti kudii nemunhu wekuti uchidanana naye iye ari busy kurecorder zvamurikutaura uye zvamurikuita?

“I met him in Gweru, after a misunderstanding with Oskid, and I told him about the issues with my husband.

“It was in January this year and by end of February Andrew was already talking about marrying me.”

She added:

“I was stressed and I accepted his love as a pain killer for what I had undergone in the hands of Oskid and his lovers.

“Andrew was too possessive and stopped me from seeking employment and paid school fees for my two children.

“He would demand an explanation for every missed call. I lived like a slave, it was like I was in hell and I regret this.

“He is threatening to make my life miserable because he has discovered that I had not separated from my husband.

“He had promised to find someone, who would be a middle person between me and Oskid, as a way for me not to meet or talk to my husband.”

Shylet told H-Metro Oskid had been delaying to visit her family in Gweru following their misunderstanding.

“Oskid awana chekundishungurudzira asi ndiye akandirwadzisa ndikaenda kumba kwedu achingovimbisa kuti arimunzira kuuya kusvika nanhasi.

“He used to send some money for the upkeep of his children although it was not enough,” said Shylet.


Oskid confirmed receipt of messages between Shylet and Andrew and said he was yet to address the matter with his estranged wife.

“Shylet is my wife and I received some love messages between her and one Andrew,” said Oskid.

“I am yet to discuss this with my wife but the best people to answer this for now is Shylet and Andrew,” he said.


Andrew, a legal consultant, narrated how he spent money investing in Oskid’s children and setting a date to pay lobola for Shylet.

“It is painful my brother,” said Andrew.

“Shylet told me that she had separated with Oskid and I decided to marry her and also look after her two children.

“What disturbed me was to discover that Shylet had not separated from Oskid and her mobile phone was ever on flight mode, whenever she was with me.

“On Saturday, she left one of her children with Oskid, behind my back, to spend a night with me at a local hotel here in Harare.

“I once confronted her over aborting my pregnancy but she finds better medical words to rubbish it. She wasted my time, my resources and everything, unaware that she was a cheat.”

He added:

“I am waiting to hear the decision to be made by Oskid but I have already posted everything to him concerning my affair with Shylet behind his back.

“She introduced me to some of her relatives and I did the same and I had set 21st June as day to pay lobola for Shylet.

“She abused me, I have been disturbed and need an answer for what I was forced to do in the name of love,” said Andrew.

Shylet and Oskid have been married for the past eight years and her illicit affair with Andrew has been subsisting for the past five months.