Political analysts say the dilemma in foreign funded political parties that have no roots in  local people is manifesting in recent happenings in the troubled MDC-T party, and this should be a wake-up call to other opposition parties.

In a clear indication that all is not well in the MDC-T party which is heavily weighed downed by donor fatigue and diminishing membership, the political party has resolved to hold its  executive meetings at the residence of the party’s president, Mr Morgan Tsvangirai in Highlands, Harare.

The MDC-T offices at Harvest House were last week left virtually empty from the ground floor after the Sherriff attached furniture that included sofas, desktop computers, office desks and chairs as well as printers, among other items over US$108 000 debt owed to a former worker, Ms Sally Dura.

The political party is reportedly owing its 110 workers thousands of dollars in salary arrears, while 62 former workers have sued the party for unlawful dismissal or other labour related charges.

Political analyst, Advocate Paul Machiridza said what is happening in the MDC-T was bound to happen considering the weak ideological and organisational foundations.

Another political analyst, Mr Leopold Chakanyuka weighed in saying the MDC-T is like an infant whose umbilical cord has been cut off, hence can no longer sustain itself since the foreign donors are no longer willing to fund the party.

The analysts concurred that it is quite unfortunate that MDC-T, considered as the main opposition party in the country, is showing signs of crumbling at such a time when it should be preparing for next year’s elections.

With the party headquarters at Harvest House now shut down, an insider revealed that the  party is now pinning its hopes on getting the remainder of its allocation from the Political Parties Fund, failing which hopes of the troubled party participating in next year’s elections are hanging in limbo as both local and foreign donors have tightened their purse strings. state media