Tinashe Zisengwe

I can’t share my wife!

I bet these words were the root cause of a nasty fight between two security personnel who engaged in a fist fight after one accused his fellow for allegedly having an illicit affair with his wife.

Lloyd Damarikani (20) hit Paul Edwin (39) with a brick whom he accused of dating his wife.

The duo works at Faramatsi Farm where they are both employed as security guards.

A heated argument arose after Damarikani accused Edwin of having a soft spot for his wife.

At the peak of the argument Damarikani armed himself with a farm brick and struck Edwin on the head.

In defense Edwin fought back resulting in the two exchanging blows for at least 45 minutes the Mike Tyson way.

George Manhidza was representing the court.

Magistrate Ignatius Mhene slapped Damarikani with six months in jail.

Three where suspended on condition of good behavior whilst the remainder were commuted to 105 hours of community service.