In light of a problematic past typified by lofty, unfulfilled promises on the part of varsity management, lecturers at the National University of Science and Technology (NUST) have stopped teaching parallel classes , indicating that they were tired of fake promises from the management.
Nust Educators Association (Nusteda) Secretary General Blessing Jona said there was need for the lecturers to clear issues with management before they commit themselves to teaching the parallel classes.
Perennially, the lecturers have been at loggerheads with management over payments for teaching of parallel classes.
“Lecturers said even if the money (for last semester) has been paid they do not trust that the management will keep its end of the bargain. We want to clear issues with the management so that we start the semester on a clean slate. Now that lecturers have received their money, we must have an urgent meeting with the teaching staff where we will discuss the agreement proposed by the Nust management and the lecturers’ union. In the meantime, a majority of these parallel students are not having lectures and it is a sad scenario which is something that could have been avoided,” Jona remarked.
An affected student, Yvone Zvivenga who stays out of Bulawayo said:
“It is disappointing that we have spent three weeks in Bulawayo without attending any lectures after paying rentals in foreign currency at houses we are staying in. This has been really hard because we cannot be paying accommodation and accumulate expenses while we are not learning”.
But, Felix Moyo who is director of marketing and communication at NUST, said the university and the lecturers have come to an agreement, claiming lectures were set to resume.

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