Former ZANU PF Member of Parliament for Chivi South Killer Zivhu says people should desist from accusing others before investigations are completed.

Zivhu says people used to accuse late former President Robert Mugabe of causing the murders of his political opponents, but he is now gone, yet people are allegedly being killed.

“Zvamaiti ndi Mugabe anouraya vanhu, nanhasi achirikuuraya ari kwa Zvimba muguva, stop accusing individuals before investigations, no one deserves to be killed or abducted, vanhu ve Gokwe rubetsero rwenyu runodiwa panyaya idzi, chokwadi hachitani kubuda vanhu vakainda gokwe,” he says.

His comments comes at the time a Citizens Coalition for Change CCC member has allegedly been murdered.

The country’s main opposition CCC says its member Tapfumanei Masaya who was allegedly abducted by suspected state agents has been found dead.

Party spokesperson Promise Mkwananzi condemned the murder of Masaya calling on the police to probe the matter and bring culprits to book.

“We condenm the murder of Tapfumaneyi in the strongest possible terms.

“This country can no longer continue in the path of lawlessness and impunity. We hold the government of Zimbabwe squarely responsible for this carnage.

“We call upon Mr. @edmnangagwa
while still dejure President, to uphold, protect and promote the rule of law, the constitution of Zimbabwe and ensure the safety and security of every citizen.

“We urge the @PoliceZimbabwe
to do their work and ensure that all these abductors are promptly and effectively brought to justice.

“We urge @SADC_News to expedite it’s intervention, working with the political leaders in Zimbabwe namely President
@nelsonchamisa of the leading democratic alternative the
@CCCZimbabwe & @edmnangagwa of
@ZANUPF_Official to facilitate a political settlement that will halt this carnage and return the country to a democratic and prosperous path anchored on the will of the people of Zimbabwe, the rule of law and constitutionalism,” he says.

On Monday CCC deputy spokesperson Gift Ostallos Siziba confirmed the abduction of Masaya.

Siziba said it was suspected that the people who abducted Masaya are state security agents.

“Tapfumanei Masaya of Mabvuku, was abducted on Saturday by suspected security agents.

“Our peace ambassadors have been tirelessly searching for him since then, but he remains unfound.

“We demand the immediate release of Tapfumanei,” he says.

Meanwhile, another CCC member who was also abducted recently, Takudzwa Ngadziore has condemned the act:

“As a Human Rights Defender (HRD), I believe the abduction & torture of dissenting voices is a villainous & pernicious modus opererandi.

“Tapfumanei Masaya should be released with immediate effect.

“Let’s voice-out in solidarity as one people.”

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe Republic Police confirmed that a body has been found, but was yet to identify it.

The police say investigations are currently underway.