Fungayi Moyana

A man from Murongore area in Mvurwi recently pulled a shocker after he went berserk and axed a local Chief who had confronted him after he had cut down a sacred tree.

Belington Nyamadzawo had a misunderstanding with the Chief over an axed Msasa tree which was believed to be a 100 years old and sacred.

It is reported that Nyamadzawo cuts trees for and sells them for a living but he went against the cultural laws.

Another local Chief Negomo of Mapiranjanji who summoned him speaking to the press said,’’ This is a taboo to our culture as the Msasa tree is sacred in our culture and chiefs are appointed by God ,should be respected as they protect our culture and heritage.

’To add more insult upon injury the accused was warned by the chief before not to cut down this tree but did not listen so by committing such a crime  I am charging him 5 cattle for breaking our traditional and cultural laws’’.

Nyamadzawo visited the site of the tree at night making sure nobody could see him but when he was halfway in cutting down the tree he ran out of luck and a villager coming from the beer hall saw him and reported the matter to the chief in the morning.

Chief Makope sent his messengers to summon Nyamadzawo to his traditional court that is when the accused visited the chief with an axe and axed him on his left shoulder once before he was stopped by the chief’s guards.

The accused was summoned to court by Chief Negomo but did not show up but was later arrested by the police and is in custody to appear before the Bindura Magistrate court next month.

Chief Makope is reportedly recovering at his homestead and is in a stable condition.