Nomagugu Ncube has said she is not married to Baba Harare saying she is in a relationship with someone else not the Jiti master.

Rumours started after Baba Harare had posted pictures of Noma and himself dressed in African attire with the caption: “Where it started, where we are. “Roora settings. Dzakafambirwa nezuro nyaya dzacho”.

Baba Harare later explained there was no relationship as the photos were for his video launch.

Speaking to the state media Noma said she is not involved with Baba Harare.

She said:

As of now, I am in a relationship. It’s too soon for me to know if I am taken for good…

I met Baba Harare at work. We have a show called Colorvibes mix at work, so I needed him to be our guest. I asked him and to my surprise, he just said it’s okay.

My producer Jamal apparently is the one who told him I could sing. A few days after the show, Baba Harare asked if we could do a song together.

At first, I wasn’t sure of the idea, you know Baba Harare being the Jiti master, I wasn’t up for vibing to a Jiti song, but I’m grateful to Baba Harare.