Image: CORAH

Illegal dumping at Breaside Police Station has rendered part of the new airport road impassable by vehicles as garbage eats up whole lane.

There a swelling illegal dumping-site at the western side of the Breaside Police Station allegedly done by families of police officers who reside at the camp.

The place has since become an eyesore with some residents now fear contracting diseases such as cholera and typhoid.

“Dumping is a crime, and police should be the custodian of the law.

“It is worrying that @policezimbabwe at Breaside Police Station have joined the bandwagon,” said one resident only identified as De Sousar.

Apparently, the incomplete Harare Airport Road was done by Augur Investments that was controversially awarded the contract on May 30, 2008 without going to tender.

Augur was supposed to construct the Airport Road with an understanding that 90% of the costs would be paid in the form of land and 10% in cash.

The road was supposed to connect the Robert Mugabe International Airport to Harare’s Central Business District and proceed into Enterprise Road (Now Emmerson Mnangagwa Road).

The government later cancelled the contract, however it is reported Harare City Council had already transferred a total of 273 299 hectares of land in Borrowdale’s Pomona area to Augur.