‘Zimbabwe government should blame itself for any strike or riot in the near future as it has misled and broken its on promises to pay civil servants their July salaries,’ said a broke Harare based  young policeman who has not been paid his salary for this month.

There are strong indications that all is not well in Zimbabwe’s treasury following failure by government to pay soldiers.

Labour organisations representing civil servants including nurses, teachers and doctors have warned of protests and stay aways if there is nothing done to bring money into the members’ bank accounts.

Speaking to reporters over the weekend, an office worker in the health service union told reporters that they are readying themselves for strikes and demonstrations as there is no promise or hint from government as to when they will be paid.

Last week Zimbabwe’s churches warned president Mugabe’s government that the country is likely to experience deadly riots in the near future as there is no help coming from the country’s leadership to address economic problems.

Zimbabwe’s finance minister is currently  Rwanda trying desperately to get some deals done following his failure to get anything when he visited London to borrow money from European based lenders.